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Every day on the Internet you can search and find out whether a place has Wi-Fi, whether it is pet friendly, does it have parking, what kind of view it has... you can find out everything except how safe the facility is. This is the first online search tool that allows you to find out how safe locations are.

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Caring about safety

Do you care about your safety?

We all have the right to know how safe places we visit are, but what really makes a location safe?

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Caring about safety

Is your busines in the safety field?

You cannot leave the safety of the facilities to anyone but experts who are trained and certified to evaluate how safe the facility is and implement all the measures necessary to make it safe.

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Caring about safety

Do you own or operate a location?

Facility owners and operators have a social and personal responsibility to make their locations as safe and secure as possible. By participating in this project, they fulfill their legal obligation, which can help them not only in the overall safety of their location, workers and guests, but also in the promotion of their business.

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According to scientific research, our need to feel safe is one of our basic needs as human beings, and needs lower down in the hierarchy must be satisfied before individuals can attend to needs higher up. Learn more about it by looking at Maslow's hierarchy pyramid.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs